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  • Great For Social Settings.
  • Attracts Attention.

2 Modes

  • Regular Mode 20,000 Puffs
  • Intense Mode 10,000 Puffs (Only for the people that can handle it)

Health Benefits

  • 81% Of People Who Vaped Reported A Decrease In Stress!
  • Can Help People Quit Smoking.
  • Cost Effective And Low Maintenance.
Never had an Airbar Flavor as good as this. Delivery was really fast and even had free shipping. My go-to site from now on.

Ashley Helen

Great website overall. It was easy to get my Air Bar Box. I was looking for these everywhere but looks like Im all set now.

Lalo Salamanca

I live in the middle of nowhere (Wyoming) and its really hard to get any vapes where I'm at but I can always count on Ock Online to get it done

Billy Nelson

This is my fifth order this month. You know I had to keep on buying. Fast and great customer service.

Jose Brown

New flavors is what keeps me coming back. I will always buy from here. This is definitely the best vape site ever.

James Fring

If I can give this website 6 stars I would but this website always comes in handy whenever I need a vape.

Lucia Channel


Product Differentiation

General Difference for Our Vapes


# of Puffs

% of Nicotine / Amount of Nicotine

Airbar Diamond

500 Puffs

5% Nicotine 1.5ML Nicotine Liquid

Airbar Lux

1000 Puffs

5% Nicotine 2.7ML Nicotine Liquid

AIrBar Box

3000 Puffs

5% Nicotine 10ML Nicotine Liquid

AirBar NEX

6500 Puffs

5% Nicotine 15ML Nicotine Liquid

Airbar Mini

2000 Puffs

5% Nicotine 5ML Nicotine Liquid

Elf Bar BC5000

5000 Puffs

5% Nicotine 13ML Nicotine Liquid


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