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Flavor Profile: Mixed Berries with Menthol


Introducing Gemini ICE, the latest addition to the Zenith E-Juice family that ensures you never miss out on the joy of your favorite berries. With Gemini ICE, the flavor you love is perpetually in season.

Gemini ICE is a delightful variation that combines the essence of strawberries with exotic twists of red currant and black currant. The tanginess of the red currant beautifully complements the lusciousness of the berries, while the earthy tones of the black currant work harmoniously to balance the intensity. The result is an unparalleled flavor profile that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

With each inhale of Gemini ICE, you will be transported to a sun-soaked day on a berry farm, indulging in the sugary, ripened berries straight from the vine itself. The experience is reminiscent of a hot summer's day, where the flavors burst with sweetness and authenticity. As you exhale, you will be brought back to reality, grateful that you can enjoy these delightful flavors without the effort of picking them yourself.

Gemini ICE by Zenith E-Juice is the epitome of satisfaction without the hassle. Immerse yourself in this one-of-a-kind blend that captures the essence of summer berries and be grateful that you can please your palate without the trouble of berry-picking. Embrace the remarkable taste experience that Gemini ICE offers and let it become your go-to flavor for a truly delightful vaping journey.